2011-01-21 Weekly Update

21 January 2011 (17:05) | Journal | By: Colin McGinley

2011-01-20 12:34:15 Not much journalling this week as I’ve spent most of my time setting up a VPS so I can trigger price alerts instead of having to manually monitor the markets. Today has been the first day this week that I’ve placed more than a single probe or two. I got a good batch of entries in when yen strengthened this morning, of which all but my USD/JPY position have been stopped out at BE. Have a second round of positions entered after a spurt of dollar weakness.

2011-01-21 12:04:58 Two trades taken out at BE and three losses for the morning. Very choppy price action. No more for today.

2011-01-21 12:05:32 Found an even better mobile trading app: Trade Interceptor.

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